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The UK group started developing its literature in 1993 when the group (which was started in 1988) was formalised. This includes a factsheet/brochure (in several languages) and a journal/newsletter (approx. 3 per year since 1995).

Note: You need to have a PDF Reader on your PC in order to access PDF files. See About this Site page for more info.

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You can look at the UK version and the N. American version of our AISSG factsheet/brochure in PDF format. We advise that you photocopy the two pages onto a single sheet, double-sided, then fold it in two places forming a brochure to give to relatives, friends and doctors. It is also available in other languages.

AISSG Factsheet

Please note that AISSG UK holds the copyright and the text should not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in other publications without permission (and if granted, AISSG UK should be given accreditation).

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AIS Review

During 1993/94 the group's Publications Editor drafted a monograph or review of AIS that was designed to be an illustrated handbook for parents and patients, bringing together all the information she could find on genetic, embryological, endocrinological, surgical and psychological aspects - information that hitherto had been confined to medical libraries. We may make this early document available via our Raising Awareness web page.

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Newsletter (ALIAS)

ALIAS (Looking At AIS) contains articles on issues relevant to affected families/individuals and to doctors, psychologists etc.

AISSG Newsletter: ALIAS

All the ALIAS newsletters are available on a CD-ROM. On the CD-ROM the illustrations are in colour and the contents list of each ALIAS has hotlinks that take you direct to the relevant page. You can also search the text for any word/phrase using the Find option in Acrobat Reader. The CD also includes a title page, an introduction (AIS factsheet) and an overall table of contents. See Ordering Procedure below (or contact the UK group to access the newsletters online).

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GIG Consortium Leaflet

In 1997 we collaborated with two other support groups, within a small consortium under the guidance of the UK’s Genetic Interest Group, to produce a Genetic Disorder Leaflet titled Does your child have a genetic disorder? It aims to guide parents on what questions to ask of their child’s specialist (paediatric endocrinologist, geneticist etc.).

Leaflet: Does your child have a genetic disorder?

We can supply a professionally printed hardcopy version for doctors, e.g. GPs/psychologists, to hand to patients prior to a hospital specialist appointment.

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Dr. Warne's Parent/Patient Booklet

A professionally published 28-page parent/patient booklet on AIS is also available (written by paediatric endocrinologist Dr. Garry Warne with help from the UK support group). See Ordering Procedure below.

Booklet by Dr Garry Warne on AIS

The illustration on the front cover, like the others in the book, are by the Medical Illustration Dept of Dr. Warne's hospital. It is based on Edouard Monet's 1863 painting Olympia which shows a naked woman lying on a couch with an orchid in her hair and a black cat at her feet.

Illustration of 'Olympia' by Edouard Monet

The painting caused a sensation at the time because it was the first time that a naked woman had been shown looking directly at the viewer as a subject in control of her own person, rather than averting her eyes as an object for the voyeuristic viewer. Comment has also been made of the direct way in which her hand protects her pubic region rather than being casually draped there as in many previous paintings of nudes.

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Caroline Hawkridge's HRT Book

Caroline Hawkridge's book, The Menopause, HRT and You, (Penguin, ISBN 0-14-027261-5, recommended retail price GBP 7.99) is billed as "an up-to-date and practical guide for women of all ages".  

Book: The Menopause, HRT and You by Caroline Hawkridge

Three of the twelve chapters are for younger women needing HRT. (The publishers wanted the word 'menopause' in the title in order to attract the traditional market of older women, but Caroline was determined to give women in our situation a high profile in the book.) In particular, Chapter 6 explains how conditions such as AIS, Swyer's, Turner syndrome, etc. come about and why these women are prescribed HRT. It contains a useful chart showing how the various conditions arise. It ends with six personal stories from women who have faced these problems. Information about support groups is given at the back. Caroline, a UK-based health education specialist and writer, worked with support groups, including AISSG, to develop this chapter. The book is just as useful in explaining intersex conditions as it is in explaining HRT!

The first run of 6000 copies has now almost sold out in the shops and Penguin will not reprint it because their health lines are being discontinued. The UK support group still has some copies available. See Ordering Procedure below.

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Ordering Procedure

To order copies of the above literature (AIS factsheet/brochure, GIG leaflet, ALIAS newsletter, Dr. Garry Warne's AIS booklet, Caroline Hawkridge's HRT book) please email the UK group (see How to Contact Us).

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'Gender Trouble' Film

See Announcements for details of an educational film called Gender Trouble, made in association with the UK group and available on video or DVD.

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Recommended Books

For information, with illustrations, on some recently published books relevant to AIS and other intersex conditions, please download the Recommended Books Document (302 KB). Printouts of this document can also be sent to doctors to increase awareness and to let them know about relevant books.

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Copyright AIS Support Group (UK) 1997 - . All rights reserved. Contents may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of AIS Support Group.